“Hey — guess what: You’re the only creature with free will. How does that make you feel?”
K. Vonnegut

My name is Simone, I come from Italy and I like describing myself as a traveler across global development, agriculture, environment, and security via technology.

I have always been terribly inquiring, since I was a child. This is probably the reason why I have been roaming across Academia and Practice, and within both. At least this is how I explain my non-linear pathway from the Computer Science Department of the University of Milan, (where I graduated by focusing on ICT4D) to the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences of the same University (where I earned a PhD by working on ICT applied to food security and climate change adaptation). And the same applies to my assignments with NGOs, international organizations and governmental institutions!

Currently I am the Associate Director of the Steve Chan’s Center for Sensemaking at AIRS, anchored at the Swansea University and the Hawai’i Pacific University. I am also a research affiliate at the Data Pop Alliance. Before, I have been carrying out research with the Columbia University Center for International Conflict Resolution, the MIT International Development Initiative, the Università della Svizzera Italiana NewMinE Lab, and the University of Milan Department of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.

My research spans from the application of ICT for Global Development (ICT4D), with a focus on agriculture and resilience-building, to environmental security issues in developing and emerging regions. You can have a look at my latest presentations on Slideshare, and here you can find much of my publications.

On another hand, I also serve as consultant for governmental and non-governmental institutions working in the area of Global Development: within this framework I have been working in South and West Asia, the Caribbean Region, and West Africa. At the moment I am collaborating with UN Food and Agriculture Organization to strengthen family farming and resilience-building via ICT.

Should you want to contact me please feel free to write me at simone(dot)sala(at)gmail(dot)com, or let’s get in touch through the social network you prefer (by the way, my favorite is twitter). Here is also my visualized resume.

Thanks for your visit, and see you soon somewhere!